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Take your filmmaking career or business to the next level with the most entertaining education available.

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What's Included?

On Set Pass is the Ultimate Hub for Filmmakers. Included in your memberships is hours of Full Filmmaking Courses, Original Shows, Films, Forums to discuss questions and potential jobs, Contests, Giveaways, Live Q&A's and much more!

Courses & Original Shows

Subscribe today to start watching the most entertaining educational original shows about the filmmaking industry. (Right: In Reconstructed, contestants have 30 minutes to recreate a popular frame.) Other shows challenge contestants in ways that put their specific skills to the test. You'll learn with them as you are entertained.

Learn from some of the best experts in the business on everything from cinematography to social media marketing to businesss. Nearly 200 chapters of training that would cost thousands of dollars to pay for and years of industry experience to acquire.

Short Films & "Short of the Month"

Subscribe today to start watching original short films both by On Set Pass and the best of subscribers work who have been selected to live on the platform.

We also encourage subscribers to submit their short films for an opportunity to be a featured in our monthly “Short Of The Month”. Take your old and or new short films and submit for an opportunity to have your film featured on our streaming service for all subscribers to view, watch, and enjoy around the world.

Contests & Funding

For the last 5 years co-founder, Jakob Owens, has hosted his own online short horror film contest for filmmakers around the world. We're adopting that online film contest idea by hosting our own short film contests. The past horror film contests have generated the creation of thousands of amazing films from filmmakers all over the world. Members will have the ability to compete in these exclusive contests, win some cool prizes, and have your winning film featured on our streaming platform.

With our funding feature we’re creating opportunities for you to get that funding for your next film. Every quarter we will fund a current subscriber’s short film script & idea.

We want to continue to support and reward filmmaker’s for their creative ideas, while inspiring and motivating the film community to make a film. You never know how and when your life can change, but it simply could begin with entering our film contests or submitting a script.


Gear can be expensive, especially filmmaking gear. That’s why at OnSetPass we will be doing quarterly gear giveaways for active members. Everything from Lighting, Cameras, Harddrives and more. We want to support our members filmmaking journey with some opportunities to win some cool gear that could change their life and or business.

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